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Bringing the excitement of the live game to Asia.

The problem

How do we keep users coming back to the product outside of match day? Most Singapore fans struggled to view all the games due to the time zone differences and felt out of the know. They would make exceptions for the 'Big 6' games but generally caught up the morning after a match. Fantasy Football was by far the most popular part of the App with the majority of users participating weekly.

The approach

Research into football fans and the game identified that naturally, a typical game week has peaks and troughs; the highest amount of traffic on match days followed by the build-up and then post-game. The lowest being midweek. We used these moments to keep user engagement high showing relevant content and the right times.

Lead with blockbuster video.

To explain the Match Day concept we built a high fidelity prototype that allowed potential investors and partners to demo a typical match day weekend. We allowed them to simultaneously switch between any live match, look at team line up stats and receive real-time Fantasy Football notifications.

Adapt to the ebbs and flows of a match-week.

The troughs of the game week offered an opportunity to highlight player stats and information for upcoming fixtures.

Design for Singapore specific behaviours.

As most Singapore fans are not able to watch the live game we created a ‘since you’ve been gone’ concept which packaged up all of the action from the weekend into digestible VOD content. Catch up on your favourite team news, watch goals and highlights from other games, and check up on Fantasy Football results.

Personalise across the entire product.

Never miss a moment with live in-play match notifications. Real time updates on player points and leaderboard positions.

When the action is over recap on how your players bagged the points with packaged up highlights and stats.

One of our motion principles was to provide intuitive guidance around the product experience. It should not slow or obstruct navigation.

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