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Creating a world-class streaming service that reconnects F1 with younger audiences all over the world.

The problem

After seeing the two trends of declining TV rights deals and fewer younger people following the sport, F1 decided to launch their own direct-to-consumer OTT streaming service, commissioning us to design and build this and work with several third parties to deliver it.

The approach

After having developed a proof of concept back in 2015 on a second screen product, we were given a solid understanding of the business goals and user needs. This platform enabled the beginning of a full customer OTT product. The whole process was research-led, prototyping concepts and testing this with fans before going into the build.

Viewer control

Fans can choose the content they want to watch. They have control over which drivers they want to follow, and for how long, with access to emerging narratives and ‘battles’ not normally seen in a single feed.

This area of the product was key and particularly interesting. A lot of testing time was invested, ensuring the best possible experience for F1 fans. So much so that this was the first publicly available interactive demo that was shown to hundreds of fans at the F1 Barcelona trade show to build excitement.

Adaptable content

The live race was just one aspect of the product, a fan could rewatch the race, experience it in different views, watch highlights or just rewind the years and view the greatest historical moments in the F1 archive.

Experiencing the race on the big screen

The TV app was the last product to be released on the roadmap. We worked alongside a specialist Roku development team to bring the F1TV experience to the big screen. Interaction models and layout all had to be reconsidered to ensure the best possible experience on the device.

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